The Story of BackBooster

wipeoutDr. Jonathan Greenberg developed a unique understanding of the body after suffering a severe low back injury while surfing. After years of conservative treatment with failing results, Dr. Greenberg and his brother Dr. Daniel Greenberg spent the next several years studying the human body and healing process, orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy and chiropractic care, determined to resolve Dr. Jon’s injury. This course of study took them all over the country. While traveling, Dr. Jon needed support for his low back in those less than comfortable airline seats. After trying countless products, Drs. Jon and Dan failed to find a product offering effective and truly portable lumbar support.

Drs. Jon and Dan soon discovered a need among their patients and the general marketplace for a lumbar support product that is not only effective and affordable but can be customized to various levels of firmness while easily fitting into a purse or briefcase for travel. These requirements lead them to the development of the BackBooster.