“I never travel without it”
– Dave Klemic, 2001 KC Chiefs fastest man
“I love your product. I use it in my beach chair and even take it when I go out to dinner. I also ride the auto train and my Back Booster makes the train seats much more comfortable.”
– S. Horowitz, Florida
“Being a professional pilot I spend a lot of time flying. My BackBooster makes my time in the air much more comfortable”
– Don Wolf, professional pilot
“I travel to see my kids often. The BackBooster allows me to enjoy the flight”
– Barb Francesco., R.N.
“I drive a truck for a living. I keep my BackBooster in the truck all the time. It helps keep my back feeling great”
– Ed Davies., professional truck driver
“I am a Federal Air Marshal and sit for long periods of time in the most uncomfortable and poorly supported seats in the world. Since using the Back Booster my legs feel great, my posture is better and I don’t feel run down after a long flight. Besides being an Air Marshal, I am also a professional boxer, so my body gets put through extreme physical conditioning. The last thing I need is any type of added soreness from bad posture or my own laziness. The Back Booster keeps me in check. Thank you”
– James T., Federal Air Marshal
“I was recently in New Jersey and purchased a Back Booster in a Shop Rite .Can you tell me where in Broward County Florida I might be able to purchase one..it has been a miracle for me and my back..Thank you”
– Fran M
“Thank you so much for bringing this product to QVC. Dr. Greenberg’s presentation was very honest and easy to understand which is exactly what was needed. Often, Doctors can speak over an audience, rather than to it. I will be sure to order from your company, not only for the great product, but also because of Dr. Daniel Greenberg’s great and thoughtful presentation.”
– Misty P
“Sirs, I love your product. I have two of them”
– Susan H.
“Dr. Greenberg,I am really enjoying my Back Booster pillows. They give my back a lot of support, and they make my uncomfortable kitchen chairs comfortable. They are attractive also.I am happy that I purchased these pillows. They have certainly deferred the expense of new kitchen chairs, and my back is doing very well.”
– Jane